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To Comfort Always

Hospice Is…

Hospice is the philosophy of caring for individuals diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Faith Community Hospice LLC offers hospice care in private homes, assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, and personal care homes. We also provide inpatient care at Liberty-Dayton Hospital and San Jacinto Methodist Hospital. In addition, we offer counseling services for family members of our patients.

Compassionate Palliative Care

End-of-life care can mean removing all but palliative treatment so that the individual can focus on family, friends, and things that are special to them. This is not “giving up,” but rather improving the quality of the life they have at this moment. With palliative care to relieve symptoms and stress, they are free to find joy in their last days.

Our Mission Statement

To Comfort Always

Dame Cicely Saunders (founder of the first modern hospice in London) told her patients; “You matter to the last moment of your life and we will do all we can to help you live until you die.” Our commitment to our patients and the people they love is to walk with them during their journey in this life, to comfort them and to focus on the joy of living.

Providing service to East Harris, West Chamber, Liberty, Galveston, and Brazoria Counties
Hospice Care - Bayton, TX
To the last nurse from Faith Community Hospice that was there at the end of my grandma’s life, thank you for the way you ministered to our family on that day. You were a comfort to us and we felt that she passed peacefully, which we were so grateful for. Every person at Faith Community Hospice is special and they are a real blessing to those they serve. Our family will always be grateful.
-Lorelai Nash
I am so sincerely appreciative of Faith Community Hospice. Thank you to everyone on the staff. They are all beautiful souls and are very kind. So gentle when handling my father, yet strong for us emotionally. Thank you all for your kind words and laughter during this difficult time.
-Crystal Matthews
I would like to thank the staff at Faith Community Hospice for the loving and compassionate care that they gave my mother. The nurses became friends to her and were so wonderful and caring. The nurses are truly exceptional at what they do. We are forever grateful for their care.
-Ariana Armani

The services you provide are beyond measurable. I am certain that the services you provide were nonapplicable to me are most helpful to others you serve. My mother was so ill when she passed, we feel blessed she is no longer in pain or fear. We do miss our healthy mom. Thank you for all the support.
-Jake Freese

Exceptional care was provided to our mother as well as my sister and I. We greatly appreciated the spiritual support we received each day as well. We were extremely blessed to have the care and caregivers provided by Faith Community Hospice. Sharon and Marguerita were so attentive, loving and supportive. Faith Community Hospice is a family that cares for families.

-Patty Nauman & Becky Frans

The written information provided by Faith Community Hospice was very thoughtfully and appropriately spaced out. Thank you for being so caring. I will pass the word about your good service.
-Toria Foote

All of the staff at the Faith Community Hospice, including the nurses and aides, were wonderful and encouraging. It was clear that they were all very caring people. They were a very big help to us and made us actually look forward to our visits together.
-Damon Webster

From the 1st contact with Faith Hospice, our family was treated with care and love. Mom’s primary nurse, Denise, and aid Mary were so compassionate and knowledgeable and worked in unison with our outside caregivers to give Mom the BEST care she could receive. Mom had a bad wound, and Denise was so thorough and again knowledgeable in the care and pain management, she made it pretty much pain free for mom.

When mom passed, early, early morning, they were there quickly to finish the care needed before the funeral home picked her up and it was done with much dignity and compassion.
I can’t express enough how much they made an awful situation bearable and their support meant the world to our family. Please consider Faith for the care of your loved one, you will be glad you did.
-Kay Hyle

My father’s care was no more than 29 hours and I couldn’t have asked for more. Everyone who had personal contact with my father was absolutely amazing. In addition to the gentle care…my father was blessed to have prayer with his nurse just hours before he transitioned. I’m so thankful that he received such intimate care. 5 stars well deserved.
-Daryl James
“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring…”
-Leo F. Buscaglia
We care for those with terminal illnesses in East Harris, West Chambers, Liberty , Galveston, and Brazoria Counties. Call 281-422-0414 or contact us for more information.

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